Pro Male Basics. The Cores Issues You Have To Agree With Us On, Or You Are out.

These are the three core issues that are facing men, there are many issues that affect men, but I consider  these three issues the most blatant examples of anti male double standards that are enforce institutionally. Lets list them t hen.

(1) Circumcision aka male genital mutilation.
The Double standards here are disgusting, society is so indifferent to the suffering of males, that they allow parents to mutilate the penises of male babies. Silence is violence, and fence sitting on  this issue is the same as supporting baby dick cutting. The pro male collective want this practise outlawed and people who practise it jailed, you are either with us or against us on this issue. There is zero compromise when it comes to the well being of helpless babies. If you are not against circumcision, you are not a men’s rights activist, period.

(2) Child support slavery.
Child support enforcement IS modern day slavery. It fits slavery under every definition of the word. Child support enforcement is not something that needs to be reformed, it i something that need abolishing, and abolishing now. Women are allowed to abandon kids, and motherhood is not enforced on women, but men who have no rights to see their kids are forced to pay. This shows you how much contempt men are held in by society. This is another issue that you have to agree with us on, or you are out. We do not want to waste our time with anti male enablers.

(3) The Male Only Military Draft.
Another issue that there has to be zero compromise on. Anti male trad con fucks love supporting the draft, as they have malicious hostile intentions against other men, and love advocating for their destruction. A lot of the men who advocate for the draft to toughen men up, are old farts who never served in the army, and avoid hard work themselves.

Either draft women equally or abolish the draft for both sexes. If anyone supports the draft for men only they are anti male, and are not worth bothering with. Biological reductionist arguments are not valid here, simply because if men can eat bullets as cannon fodder, so can women.

A movement that is inclusive and has no standards is a movement destined to fail, we in the pro male collective will not repeat that mistake. We are a vanguard movement, we are pro male, and we want nothing to do with anti male low lives, Either get on board or get the fuck off and stop wasting our time.


The British Legal System Is An Anti Male Joke.


Women will only get more aggressive and violent, as society gives them social license to lash out at the male underclass. Men are a defacto Under Class, and it is long past time men had a movement that is serious about fixing this, but sadly we only have the right wing failure that is the fake men’s rights movement, who are more concerned with making marriage great again, than well being of the male sex.

If a woman ever glasses me, I am putting a glass straight back in her face, simply because I can not count on the legal system to punish her.

This is how serious things are for men, things are only going to get worse, there is no self correcting cycle.

This Is What Guys Should Be Fighting Against


Low-status gamer guys who bang on against furries for being weirdo sexual losers, will openly brag about forming a world-uniting solidarity in having a loser out-group to hate on, instead of trying to form a solidarity in demanding not to be out-grouped and abused for their hobbies and fantasies. Where are all the pro-gamer and pro-geeky guys to call this mentally ill dribble out? Instead of resisting the onslaught, they welcome out-grouping bullying onto their own platform.

You even have gamers in the comments section pretending they are as mainstream as ever, so they have no reason to compare themselves to degenerate furry outcasts. This is despite the fact that gamers keep getting railroaded by the likes of Anita Sarkeesian or any anti-videogame mom saying anything ever, while their maleness is getting shat on by high-profile franchises such as Battlefield V.


-Alex Cat

What Is Missing From MGTOW And PUA Theories. Pro Male Basics 101.


Mgtow has always been flawed, but there was some interesting observations made about female nature made in that community. Then MGTOW ossified, they didn’t want to take their ideas any further.

Even the highbrow MGTOW stuff missed a simple but vital insight so therefore their theories on female nature were lacking.

The insight that is missing but vital is this. Females want social dominance in their relationships. Women don’t want men just to take on burdens so they can have an easier life, they want men to take on more burdens as a sign of their dominance in the relationship.

In fact PUA nonsense about acting Alpha and dominant is missing the point. Men are no more dominant in their relationships with females than a hired body guard is in relation to his employer.

Nonsense about holding your frame is just that, nonsense. As if you have self respect, and boundaries, the odds of you having a relationship with a female drop sharply.

Females wanting dominance is something that is blatantly obvious, but unfortunately something almost everyone denies, as people have a irrational desire to frame women as victims.

The Females that are into domination instinctively see their social dominance as a zero sum game, and do not even comprehend what equality even means, even though it is a word they use a lot.

Answering the ”you are calling women evil” accusation

The ProMale Collective (and any other group of men calling out bad female behaviour) is considered calling women evil. I will answer this accusation here.

First I want you to remember what you did on Pincus Djerassi day. try and think back…….hold it… never heard of Pincus Djerassi day? Oh yeah, the reason you don’t remember is that Pincus Djerassi day doesn’t exist.

Do you know who Pincus and Djerassi are? They are the inventors of the contraception pill. This invention has had as much effect on women’s lives as electricity in my opinion. It changed the way women have lived their lives in a way no other generation of women has ever experienced.  Yet there is no national(global) holiday for these men.

What was women’s collective response to the efforts of Pinchus and Djerassi? Were they ever thanked? If they were, i have never heard it uttered. However, what we DO know of women’s historical reaction was to burn their bras and declared freedom from the patriarchy.

Now, calling women evil is inaccurate and will only get any men’s group vilified and so is counter productive. That being said, any  accurate description of the collective behaviour women showed to these male inventors(and men as a whole) will not be flattering to the female sex and will considered calling them ”evil”. That has to be accepted by men who wish for a better future for themselves. Either be honest or accept societal abuse.

Trevor Cormier

Why I Will Never Show My Real Face Or Voice Online.

Years before I started my small youtube channel, I became interested in men’s rights around 2009. I felt the community was stagnant and was going nowhere, so I became interested in MGTOW.

I was also interested in intactivism , and was on the various facebook groups. Like MGTOW and the MRA, I felt that got stale was going getting nowhere. I felt like all these groups were making the same mistake over and over again. I noticed this tends to be a habit of communities that men form, they create this comfortable narrative that makes them feel good and they repeat it over and over again. Once they settle on a bunch of slogans that make them feel comfortable, they do not seek to change or evolve anymore. They will create an echo chamber so they can parrot these stale ideas over and over again. Men’s groups are not results orientated, they are emotional gratification orientate.

I felt guilty at not doing my part, so about one year ago I started my own small youtube channel. I wanted to do something to raise awareness, and I felt like helpless baby boys needed someone to speak up for them. I started off doing text to speech videos, and planned on using my own voice when I felt more comfortable doing so after some practise using my voice. I have now decided never to use my real voice or show my face. The reasons for this is because of nut jobs like this person.




This is banmale smearing me as a racist. He is accusing me of using the N word against him in the men’s rights reddit. I have talked to Analyzing Male Slavery about this person, and he is one of his stalkers. I have looked at the comments from the blog posts, and AMS was unnecessarily rude to this person for his right wing views. AMS can sometimes be too confrontational. Anyway  we suspect this person who AMS was rude to has lost his mind and has decided to stalk AMS. This pointless edrama started on black pills blog years ago.


I decided to message the mods about this Banmale as he was breaking countless rules. Banmale was bringing up all sorts of pointless e drama, and making false accusations against people, none of it on topic to men’s rights.  The Mods decided to play dumb., and pretend not to understand why I was reporting him.

This video shows how the mods will use any excuse to ban someone, yet a stalker calling others racists with no proof, and derailing with off topic crap does not get banned.


I offered to provide screenshots of Banmales bad behaviour, but they were not interested and decided to mute me for 72 hours.


This is the mods telling me I should block him. I should not have to block someone breaking the rules smearing me and trying to frame me as a racist. The mods should ban banmale.

Anyway this enablement reminds me a lot of what happened with CS MGTOW and Messenger rising. CS MGTOW was stalked and harassed by a trad con nut job.  Messenger rising stalked countless other mgtow’s as well. The MGTOW communty instead of calling Messenger out, enabled him and supported him. The screen-cap from below is from the MGTOW reddit page, as you can see Messenger Rising is on the list of MGTOW youtubers, no Bar Bar or CS MGTOW as far as I can see.

mgtow enablers

You see I am not scared of feminists, or scared of woman, my views are not extreme,  I do not think I will get fired for holding my anti circumcision views. What I am scared of is angry low status men looking to lash out. I am not going to put my neck out, risk getting stalked or smeared by some nutter, and then find out that nobody has my back. I do not want to get fired from my job because some nutter phoned my employees up.

Banmale is a nutter trying to follow AMS from online space to online space. He is currently being enabled by the trad con mods on the men’s rights reddit. Messenger Rising is a nutter who stalked and harassed CS MGTOW, Messenger rising is being enabled by the trad cons of the MGTOW community.

I could do more effective videos using my voice, but it is never going to happen now. Angry sexually frustrated low status men can make things uncomfortable for you if you are not careful, they can even dox you.

I am going to boycott the Men’s rights reddit, as the mods are enablers of nut jobs. They will ban you if you question their trad con dogma, so they can’t hide behind the lame excuse that they support free speech.

Save The Babies From Knife Rape

A New Trend By Trad Cons, Denial Of the Concept Of Trad Cons.

denying there is such a thing as trad cons

Headingtoshore is all over the place, using word Salad to try and obfuscate a simple issue.

The trad con tries to relabel himself a regressive traditionalist, after falsely claiming that traditional and conservative are different things.

Here is one of the many problems with the trad con ideology, they have a nuclear family fetish fixation and think that the nuclear family is the default natural set up for families. These trad cons do not realise that extended family is in fact the  real traditional family set up. Trad cons conflate nuclear families and extended families. This is a massive mistake to make, and means the foundations of their ideology is flawed, and leads to trad cons making wonky conclusions. Trad cons are obsessed with women, and mate guarding, and use circular logic, appeals to nature, and false narratives about history to justify their world view.  Trad cons want the women, and want them in relationships, they have already made their conclusions. so they cherry pick all evidence to come to the conclusion.

Trad cons can’t defend their position as it is a inconsistent mess. Because of this trad cons can’t engage in an open honest debate, on some level they know this,  this is why trad cons label anyone who calls them out as radicals and incels, and then ban them.

Wanting to enforce monogamy on women is a radical and unworkable position and would do nothing to gain men more rights, so being against this nonsense is in fact a moderate sane position. Also anyone who is that desperate for a woman that they want to trap them in relationships against their will, is not really in a position to call others incels, it is clear that many trad con ideas stem from the sexual frustration of  trad con males.

I have asked trad cons countless times, how they will enforce their ideas for society on women, I have never gotten a straight answer, they are unwilling or unable to admit their plans.

Their ideology is so stupid and so unworkable, some trad cons are now trying to relabel themselves via a rebranding effort. of course this will not make on lick of difference, as they will not drop the woman worship. Anyone with half a brain will see through their obsessive nonsense. The right in general rebrands all the time, in an attempt to repackage their awful ideas, this never works for them either, since their ideas are garbage at the core. There is no point rebranding a shitty product if the product has not changed.

There can be no real men’s rights movement until the trad cons get the boot completely. Trad cons will try and frame calling out their bullshit as the problem, and will resort to gaslighting. The trad con problem is the biggest one men’s rights advocates face, anyone who tries to deny this is in fact the biggest enemy of men’s rights.

You can find the reddit thread this screencap is from here.

This is what trad con thinking leads too.

Men who want women trapped in relationships, will want to punish and control men who sleep around before they want to punish women. They will not apply agency onto women, only men of course. They will consider women angel victims polluted by the devil dicks of promiscuous men. Deranged mate guarders have no place in men’s rights full stop.