MGTOW, men who want to go their own way back to their fictionalized romanticized past.

mgtow tradcon
Things in the past where far worse for men, trad cons do not care though, since all they care about is getting a wife.

Rouge Agent MGTOW is just another sexually frustrated man, who can’t compartmentalize his sexuality.

Also this talk about protecting women is very telling, it is coded speak for. “let men suffer, give women more privileges and pander to them.”

Men hoarding resources to bribe women is maladaptive and will destroy the environment if it carries on. Traditional gender roles are toxic, and using the argument “it is natural” is a lazy thought terminating cliche.

Note that Homertoeclipper chips in with conspiracy theory nonsense. No one is weaponizing anything, men are pandering to women, and how society turns out is the current result. MGTOW’s have to resort to conspiracy theory to explain why women do not want them.

I might be repeating myself a bit here, but I am just making the case that MGTOW is toxic and anti male.

This is not me cherry picking  trad con speak is all over the MGTOW community.

I can’t see much difference between the incel community, and the MGTOW one. MGTOW’s just put on more of a strong man front, that is the only difference I can see.


More Incel Stupidity.

incel cope

This post from an incel forum is pure nonsense. Most men struggle to get relationships from women, because they do not have enough status to associate with women.

If a man is ugly and has status, he can still get women.

Also I have noticed, incels tend to accuse you of coping if you disagree with their simplistic and false ideas.

If a man is low status, or mentally ill, having plastic surgery is not going to get him a relationship. So anyone who is declaring that it is the only solution is full of it.

Incels love to look for simplistic solutions for their problems, they want to blame their lack of relationships on simplistic singular causes.

Coming up with plastic surgery as a solution is a coping mechanism, if you disagree with their nonsense, they will accuse you of coping, This is merely projection on their part.

Incels want “true love” they believe that being good looking will get men “true love.”  The Incel label is misleading, simply because their is not such thing as an involuntary celibate. If a man wants sex, he can pay for it. Incels do not  just want sex alone, they want a girlfriend so they can have the closeness of relationship sex.

If an incel gets plastic surgery, and is still unable to get “true love” who or what is he going to blame for being unable to find “true love?”

instead of obsessing over women, and having a victim complex over female rejection, incels need to let of of their delusions about “true love”

Younger men tend to be lower status, women will bypass them and look for older higher status men.

Even  most low status men can find a woman to bribe if he is desperate enough. He can always hook up with some druggie female. Men can always lower their standards and find some women if he is that desperate. I am sure if a man is willing to degrade himself he can find some woman to tolerate him, even if it is only for a short while.

Let me boil this down as simple as possible Bribe equals relationship.

Be a good looking homeless or unemployed man, good luck finding “true love” then.

Good looking men are treated like shit in relationships. Good looking men that incels call chads, commit crimes so they can aquire status and resources to bribe women with.

Incels are looking for a fantasy, and are looking for something from women that women are unable to give. men Having plastic surgery is not going to change female nature.

Incel Community Is Highly Toxic, And Harmful To Young Men.

incel victim complex
The incel label is a victim label, so men can fixate and obsess over women not wanting them. Incel men are so emotionally submissive to women. If they ever do get a girlfriend and then get dumped, they will most likely kill themselves. they would not be able to cope with the rejection.

To be honest, if i was working at a shop and handling change, i would not want to touch anyone#s hands male of female. I would want to avoid other peoples germs and even the risk of getting a fungus of some sort.

Lets say a female cashier doesn’t like a man? So what? Why should a man let this bother him?  I wouldn’t give it a second thought myself. Fixating on female approval is not healthy, and can drive a person mad.
Also labeling oneself sub human is a negative thing to do. Men are not sub humans because women do not notice them. Who cares if a woman notices a man or not, I do not put any value in female validation.

It is better than incel men do not get into relationships, they do not have the emotional resilience to cope with females. They would be pushed around and dominated emotionally in an extremely unhealthy co=dependent relationship.

I will do more posts covering the incel community, i want to deconstruct their toxic online culture and memes, as I consider it very harmful to young men.

The incel community seems to be a community of sexless young men trying to convince themselves they are freaks for not having a girlfriend. to be frank it is normal for young men to not to be in relationships as it takes a while for men to build up enough status to be worth exploiting by women.  Having a woman not to want to exploit you is not a bad thing. Incel community is an unhealthy echo chamber or young men making themselves feel worse about themselves. I am sure the incel community has driven men to suicide.

The problem is, there is no good pro male space for young men. young men will be driven to toxic communities out of desperation.

Your work, no one cares.

A man’s personal labors only have value to himself. When a man brags about how hard he labors he doesn’t get a round of appreciation. What he gets is a contest of who works harder/longer than who.

Working all day for a life time involves much more sacrifice than taking a risk at a roulette table but that sacrifice will always be under valued because it lacks status. People care about status, not labors. Wealthy men who built their fortunes from the ground up, over many years don’t really have anymore status than the lottery winner. They’ll brag up their fortunes as being superior to the lottery winner but in the end, the lottery winner is indistinguishable from the self made man. Men still want to be the lottery winner and women still want to be with the lottery winner.

A man who wins a lottery jackpot for the price of a half hour of labor has instant high status that a life time of labor lacks. A man’s ”significant other” will no longer care if the man does nothing all day if the man can afford other men to work for her.  His partner may even prefer that he doesn’t work because working is for the Plebs and they are above that now.

The work ethic bullshit is a stick to keep the average man thinking his labors are important. In a world of machinery doing our work, men’s labors continue to lose whatever little value it has. A man brags his work ethic up when he has nothing else to brag about.

Finally, people will ask a gamer ”how can you stare at a screen all afternoon, every weekend?  It’s unhealthy”.

Yet these same people will expect a man to stare at a screen in a office all day, 5 days a week, for a pay check.  And they either don’t think it is unhealthy or they expect a man to just shrug off any negative affects from sitting endless hours in front of a screen.

It’s not that a man is doing something unhealthy. It’s that his labors aren’t going to someone else. The slave has to keep slaving non stop.

Trevor Cormier

Ringo and the anorexia of honor

Environment shapes human physiology and psychology.  Society is just as much of an environment as the physical world. Anorexia is a result of societal pressures.  The person abstaining from nourishment in an environment of plenty.
Honor is a form of anorexia. Success producing shame rather than pride.
Ringo is a narrative song (or rather poetry put to music) by Lorne Greene where the narrator recalls his past where he rescues a man from a gunshot wound.  They part ways and the man(Ringo) goes on to become a gun slinging  terror while the narrator becomes a renown lawman.
Eventually fate forces the two to square off and Ringo, being better skilled at gun play of the two, defeats our hero without killing him.  Ringo – ”We are even my friend.  Narrator – ”And I knew there was still a spark of good in Ringo”
Ringo is then shot dead in the street by the pose that backs up the sheriff. Sheriff – ”The story was spread throughout the land…. that I had…..beaten…Ringo’s hand….and that it was only years that made me put my guns away.   But on his grave they can’t explain…the tarnish star above the name….of….Ringo”
It is no wonder that the name of the narrator is unknown.  It is due to shame that he remains anonymous. Ringo is the hero. He showed mercy in a debt of honor and paid for it with his life.
  The sheriff can’t feel relief that he is still alive because, in his mind, he played by the rules.  He lost.  And by rights, he should suffer consequences.
  Much like Sargent Dan of Forrest Gump or Private Ryan, he is locked in this anorexia of honor.
Men try so hard, for so long, that we lose sight of our own self worth.  And blame ourselves for situations outside of our control.
Trevor Cormier

Why free speech absolutists are lunatics.

Free speech is a fine value to uphold, even if it is a vastly overrated one. For example the United states of American has robust free speech protections, but has the worst child support enforcement system of any western nation. It has also waged an anti freedom war on drugs, that is has incarcerated millions of men, since Richard Nixon kicked it off. Having free speech doesn’t mean that the society you live in is going to be great.

Free Speech is fine and all, but some people seem to be believe it is a magical cure for all of societies problems. Some people seem to be under the impression, that once you have freedom of speech, the market place of open ideas will win out and improve society. Sadly this is not true, simply because many people are stupid, and simplistic false ideas appeal to lots of people.

Also many people are “pro free speech” to virtue signal to others about how righteous they are. The right love to pretend that free speech is a right wing value, and the left is anti free speech. From a historical perspective this is complete bunk and nonsense. Also I have encountered too many right wing “pro free speech” channels that ban people who disagree with them.

Right wingers want to be free to say whatever they want, even if it is defamation. They want to convince you to let them say what they want, so they can drown out your competing narrative, and then censor and ban you when they get a chance to.

A lot of the time free speech is seen as good because of “reasons”. Free speech it is a value that is seen as good thing in of itself. I judge ideas by outcomes, many people see principles as good thing to have for the sake of it, a lot of people see value in being consistent in their principles, even if being consistent in those principles is unworkable in the real world.

To me principles are a tool used to lead to good outcomes. If a certain principle doesn’t work in a certain situation that one must be flexible in their principles. Reality is not black and white, there is a lot of nuance and ambiguity in the real world. I am a advocate of utilitarianism, over dogmatic principles.

For example free market fanatics have one simplistic axiom that their world view is based around, less regulation of business is good. In the real world this is not always so. Sometimes less regulation for business is good, sometimes you need to regulate business for the best outcomes for society. It totally depends on context. When deregulation fails, and is proven to fail, free market fanatics will just double down and go, “that failure is due to not enough deregulation. The markets are still not free enough.” Computers would of never been developed in a purely free market society for example.

Lets take the example of YouTube, I have spoken to numerous free speech absolutists that believe no speech should be restricted on YouTube. When I bring up the problem of defamation, for example people false accusing others of crimes, (like rape and child abuse.) the free speech absolutists say that people being defamed can use the legal system to get their problem addressed, the problem is not everyone can afford to get a lawyer, and YouTube is an international platform, victims could be getting defamed by someone outside the legal jurisdiction they live in, so that means there is no means of  them getting justice or protection from false accusations. When I point this out to  some free speech fundamentalists, they do not seem to care at all, and state they value free speech over anything else.
These people are clearly psychopathic on some level, their lack of empathy is very telling,  they would  of course soon change their tune if the false accusation happened to them.

False accusations online is a men’s issues, as it will be mostly men who are the targets of false accusations online. YouTube would be a chaotic hell hole if false accusations, harassment and doxing was allowed to stand there. In fact I believe YouTube doesn’t do enough to take videos like that down fast enough. It is an unreasonable unrealistic expectation that free speech absolutists to have about YouTube. They have either not thought their position through, or they do not care about the results of their free speech fundamentalism .

I am all for ideas being protected speech, but defamation and false accusations have no value or use in society, so there is no need to protect that type of speech. I honestly do not trust the motives of people who want that sort of behavior enabled. .

Females get to shit over men with impunity.


Kate Leth is a comics book writer, and anti male scumbag. If a man in marvel comics tweeted about women like this, he would be fired from his job. There are plenty of fields where men would be fired from their jobs if they tweeted stuff like this about women.

Also Kate sees fit to throw in anti white racism in there as well, taking a jab at men for being white.

I would be fine with hate speech laws being applied against feminists like this. I would be comfortable seeing feminists spending a few months in jail over hate speech against men.

At the very least women who tweet stuff like this, should be fired from corporate jobs, and be banned from working in government jobs.