The only Blog post I will ever do addressing Pro Male Watch.

I am not going to link to pro male watches blog. I am not going to give that deranged MGTOW stalker any traffic. I will reply to his points. I will copy and paste his blog post and i will put my repies in brackets.

Addressing the “skeptics”

Today, AMS has confirmed his misdeed in a blog post. However, instead of a sincere apology and promise not to employ underhanded tactics anymore, he threatened to double down on his intimidation tactics. This means my short report and advice, along with this warning, kindly shared by Stoner for me is as relevant as ever for those who visit and post in men’s issues communities. You can look for yourself (archived so that AMS can’t change the post):

One point he raised in his defense was that public disclosure of a postal code isn’t suffice to accuse someone of “doxing.” While I never myself used such a word (I warned against general disclosure of identifying information), I condemn such weaseling tactics, since AMS’s intent was obviously malicious.”

(It is not weasel words, I suspected that  Darknightstats is the same person as antidote, so i let know know I had Darknightstats post code, to let him know I got his information. At the most I threatened to dox darknightstats, I do not play nice with stalkers. Also the fact that antidote knew that it was darknightstats postcode proves that antidote is darknightstats, my test worked. The number was posted without any context, there was no way of knowing it was a post code.)

“AMS stood by his “right” to dox everyone whose posts he dislikes.”




(This just straight up barefaced lying, since I said in my last blog post, that I will not dox someone just because I do not like their posts. The thing is I still haven’t doxed anyone yet. If I do decide to reveal public information on someone I will do so openly and state my reasons why.)


“This is a typical overreaction, which actually helps to present his opponents in more favorable light”

(No it doesn’t only to someone who a nutty stalker themselves. I have shown that my stalkers have attacked me from the start, accused me of being a racist who hates third world men, has stalked me on the pro male discord group, try revealing my porn habits to shame me. They are obsessively watching every word of mine to try and catch me out. Tries quoting my words out of context to others. Kurt even had the nerve to call me a misogynist to a female mra. )

“and helps them get attention, especially since contrary to his claims his opponents acted in good faith, they just happened to win the crucial debate.”

(You honestly have to be gone in the head to claim that. I used a phrase in one of my videos, “men in the first world” Kurt used that as a pretext to accuse me of not liking third world men, and asked me loaded questions about it. I told him he could contribute to the blog about men in the third world. Kurt came back latter and just started attacking me for no reason. There wasn’t even a debate, certainly not one I lost Pro Male Watch is so obsessed with bashing me that he will try and re-frame reality against me.Pro Male Watches obsessions is making him be dishonest. The was no good faith debate, and to call obsessive attacks on me good faith is highly disingenuous, and a sign of an unstable personality quite frankly )

“Which brings us to the second part.

I wanted to test the theory just how “random” and opaque for the casual observer this postal code is. Since I have it cached (just not visible for onlookers for obvious reasons) I decided to run it through the search engine and the result has confirmed all my suspicions.”

(Here is the screen cap that Pro Male Watch used, one that proves nothing. BTW I had no way of sending a private message to darknightstats so I let him the zip code in a message to antidote, to test if he was darknightstats. How does antidote know that is darknightstates post code?)search

“For some reason, AMS believes he’s assaulted with sockpuppets, and the puppet master appears to live in India. While I find his claims extremely dubious and unfounded, and probably grounded in projection of AMS’s own modus operandi, this note is of vital importance to this investigation. The results consistenly point to Indian sites listing their addresses and postal codes on their contact pages, and the search even guessed for me that I was trying to enter a “pin code,” which apparently is how mail’s routed in India. I predict Kurt suspected something was off with the post and decided to double-check it just like I did. This means AMS at best was simply confused or at worst knowingly slanders his opposition with half-baked theories originating in his “think tank” about the sockpuppet menace.”

(This is called gaslighting. Darknight stats speaks exactly like Kurt. Darknight stats sharing the same political opinions and is obsessed with women, just like Kurt in fact. Kurt and Antidote somehow knew that number was darknightstats  post code. Pro Male Watches explanation falls flat for many reasons, the main one being,  even if antidote know that was a post code, how did he know it was darknightstats?

I do not even care about the socket puppets and I have never even talked about a sock puppet menace, Pro male watch is trying to change the topic from the real problem, the obsessive stalking. Well Pro male Watch is an obsessive stalker himself, so he is not going to see the problem with that sort of behaviour. Also Pro Male Watch will have the nerve to try and link to Colttaines trash video that was a 30 minute rant directed against me. Let me state this clearly, Colttaine’s video is full of accusations and no proof..)



“Finally, AMS has promised to do a blog post about me, presumably to show that I’m not impartial. I predict he’ll conveniently “forget” that he lost a video on a topic of a UBI due to a copyright strike and was able to reupload it only because I faithfully reproduced it on IA. Talk about gratitude, folks.”

(You came into our discord, stated you did not care about men’s rights and do not plan to do any activism, that  you only care about online privacy and do not like the government watching and spying on people.  Then you tell the entire group that you are here to spy and record us and watch every move we do. We decided to ban you after that, as that is a blatant passive aggressive attack. You yourself claim you do not like being spied upon, but it seems you take sadistic pleasure in spying on others and watching other people. Perhaps you are jealous of the government and wish you had their power, perhaps you are projecting your own motives on to the government? )


“Back in the day, I offered AMS a free help line if he needed something preserved. In his arrogance, AMS turned down my extended offer in the most insulting manner imaginable and did nothing but try to obstruct my efforts to keep the digital history intact. Now he’ll blame me for not focusing on content that was of interest to him.

My rig is automated and works quite unpredictably (yeah yeah you’re free to take jabs at me for spaghetti code), following WWW links just like Google does, but tries to do so instantly, which’s why I normally don’t post all I have at my disposal (otherwise it would make me an accomplice in an unlawful private data disclosure).

But if I notice something isn’t live anymore I try to do my best to restore it.”

I do not want your help, Do not pretend to be impartial, you have called one of my blog posts addressing a MGTOW who falsely accused me of reporting and striking a video  of Colttaines a spaz out. This MGTOW in question was acting friendly to me in my blog, and talking trash and spreading false accusations on other blogs. So when defend myself that is me spazing out.

You have the nerve to call yourself pro male when all you do is sit on your ass and passively spy on others. I do not like you, I do not want to know you, I do not want to have anything to do with you.

This is my last blog post on this nonsense. I am not going to apologise for what i did, as I do not owe stalkers and harassers anything. You want to  spy on me, and stalk me around the blogosphere and then tell people what a piece of shit I am when i comment on other blogs. You want to watch every move i do on my discord and try and use my own quotes against me, often out of context. Do not be surprised that I get worried about your stalking and seek to take measures against it, just in case it gets worse. The obsessive qualities  and aggressiveness Kurt has shown, is certainly unnerving.

Also I am a nobody on the internet, my fellow pro male community members have low sub counts and are not well know. I think stalkers and harassers love creating drama with small time men online, they love to prey on single lone men, ones that have no family connections in the real world, who have their backs.

I will now post some screen-caps of Pro Male Watch’s, site that tracks me to show how truly objective he is


spaz out
the “impartial disinterested observer”Pro Male Watch calls me reply blog post a spaz out


real stalking nut job

There is loads like this, but I have decided to stop at this one. This shows you how deranged “Pro Male” watch is. I have forgotten about doing this. Pro Male watch must of tracked my ISP/ (He can’t btw, my ISP is used by tens of thousands of other people all over the country. ) He saw my ISP do wikipedia edits to challenge feminist bias on Wikipeida articles. It is well known that WIkipedia has a feminist bias, and Wikipedia even pays women to edit articles. Pro Male Watch is so obsessed with attacking me and framing everything I do in a negative light, that he frames my  challenges to Wikipedia as vandalising. me asking about domestic violence against men in Chile is my vandalising it.

Sorry that I had to do this long Post.

Unless they do something really awful and outrageous, I will never mention the following people again. Stoner with a Boner. Pro Match Watch, and Kurt with his various sock accounts.


This is me doxing someone apparently.

Pro Male Watch has done a blog post claiming I doxed someone. I will not link to his strange and obsessive site, designed to stalk me and other members of the pro male community. This blog post is my reply. I have only threatened to dox someone, someone who is stalking me.

Don’t stalk me, don’t get doxed it is that simple.


So this is me doxing darknightstats, even though this is a reply to antidote, btw antidote denies being darknightstats. This proves that he is the same person, and most likely the same person as Kurt.

I have information on darknightstats, his street address, his country and his city. If i was to dox him I would reveal that information.

If I wanted to dox him I would just go ahead and do it. What I just did here was a friendly warning to a relentless and obsessive stalker. They have followed me from blog to blog smearing me, and harassing me, trying to stop me from interacting with other people in the blogosphere.

Of course my nutty stalking enemies want to make a ho ha about this so called doxing, when in fact I am showing restraint. Showing a bunch of numbers without any context is not doxing, as a third party would not know what they mean.

I had one person making pedo smears about other men in the pro male community, he did this after falling out with the group, so I found out his information and warned him off, This warning worked, so I learnt a valuable lesson from this. You have to use any means you can to defend yourself from psychopaths.
I got an obsessive stalker, and I will find out any information I can on him You can insult me and be rude to me as much as you want, that is not grounds for doxing in my book, I am not that petty, I do not dox out of spite, but I use it as a weapon of defence. My stalkers have not yet crossed the line were doxing in retaliation is a proportionate  response, but they might cross that line so I am getting prepared to retaliate.

My deranged stalker (or stalkers) are going out of their way to try and make me feel uncomfortable and to try and destroy the community I have built up with other men. I do not know what is the limit of their attacks, they might be willing to do anything.

If someone crosses a certain line in attacking me, then I will quite  frankly dox them, and try and make their life uncomfortable, just as my stalkers are trying to make life uncomfortable for me.

Psychopaths love to try and pick apart other peoples behaviour and use that as a pretext to stalk and harass and act like they are on the side of justice. No one forced Kurt to come to my blog, he tried his passive aggressive white collective intersectional feminist bullshit on the pro male collective, he was told to knock it off, and he refused to do so, so I banned him. if he was mature he would of just moved on. He decided to harass and stalk me like an obsessive nut job.

I have never seen Kurt contribute an original idea, or create anything, all he can do is try and destroy.

BTW This is the second to last blog post I will do on this subject, I will do a blog post tackling Pro Male Watch, and prove he is not “objective like he claims”

What you do not understand is that attacks on me like this, just make me more determined than ever to carry on.

Also I will ruthlessly defend myself and the well being of my friends. If bullying psychopaths have to be doxed to get them to back off, I will not pay attention to their crocodile tears and howls of outrage.

I have not doxed anyone, as I just gave out a random number, and somehow antidote somehow know that was Darknightstats postcode. Thanks for proving Trevors theory that antidote and darknightstats are the same person.

Just to make it clear I have not doxed anyone, but I do not rule it out. Stalk and harass me and I will use any means I can to defend myself.

My nutty stalker reveals my porn habits in an attempt to shame me


Darknightstats behaving exactly like Kurt, disingenuously inferring things from my statements in the worst possible light to smear me.


More Proof That Antifa Is Anti Male


Lets look at a few images to add further poof of the misandrist nature of the anti fascist movement.


If you look closely that last image it is a cartoon is a spoof showing Adolf Hitler being sexually assaulted, a cartoon boy is kicking an object up his rectum sexually assaulting him. I wonder how many Antifa cartoon spoofs show women being sexually assaulted? I would guess about zero.

I hate fascists as much as the next person, but the way to deal with fascism is not sexual assault, or inciting sexual assault. Nazi’s are not so sub human that they deserve rape. People who promote rape and sexual violence only degrade themselves.

The only good “fascist is a dead one” apparently, this of course only applies to the male ones.

The Only Blog Post I Will Ever Do About Kurt

I got an obsessive stalker. He follows me about from blog to blog and makes false accusations.


Kurt says:

Just drop the story about picture, Stoner. No use sounding apologetic, it’ll make Tamerlame just double down on his verbal abuse.

Myself, I don’t post stuff like that, but I don’t “concern troll” over it either. Tamerlame has a host of his own flaws to dictate other people how to act.

Tamerlame watches porn with Tor browser, wasting its meager network capacity. He let it up on discord. I think deep down Tamerlame still wants to be accepted in society. Otherwise he wouldn’t give a fuck what society thinks of his “degeneracy.” He wouldn’t retaliate with lies and smears like a cornered thug or a conceited politician.

Antidote (this guy stood up for me on OVR’s blog) posted screenshots on a “feMRA” blog that made Tamerlame look bad. Tamerlame was exposed as a liar and a hypocrite. Assbreath sent “her” a private message and “she” blocked Antidote. I tried to convince “her” to reinstate Antidote, maintained he’s a good dude. Instead “she” erased the whole thread with Assbreath spazz out products (I screencapped just in case) and removed my posts when I asked for explanations.

Tamerlame’s now so paranoid he thinks me, Antidote and Darksats’re the same person. He has zero proof, but when that was sufficient to stop him from dishing out false accusations?

Assbreath posted Darksats’ ZIP code, now I don’t feel sorry for him anymore. He’s in the same league of Messenger Rising and Traversable.

Tamerlame, if you’re reading this, learn I’m not afraid of you and you can quit trying to scare me or Stoner, or anyone else. The Resistance is growing; your demise’s inevitable.

stalkering nut job


Here are some old comments he left, I want to prove that Kurt was a trouble maker from the start.

The third link is where this screen cap comes from, you can look at the blog posts and comments and understand the context of my exchange with Kurt yourself.

If you read the whole exchange, you can see Kurt attacked me from the start, was passive aggressive and falsely accusing me of hating third world men.


I suspect darksats is the same person as Kurt, simply because he speaks too much like him, and shares the same obsessions.

Darkstats is a trad con who is obsessed with finding a loyal girlfriend and believes marriage is important in that regard. Trevor banned him from our discord, and I banned him from my youtube channel.

Third world women do not want third world men, the third world is modernising and women are bailing on traditional relationships discarding low status third world men. I am not  going to take the blame for this because I am white and I am born in the first world. I do not share in any collective guilt. When third worlders move to the first world, they are part of he same economic first world system I am, using that logic they share collective guilt too.

Stoner with a boner is falsely accusing me of being racist all the time on his blog posts, classic feminist tactic there. Kurt is doing the same thing as well.

I invited Kurt to contribute to my blog and raise third world issues, and he spat in my face and doubled down on attacking me, and is now stalking me. I have lunatics like pro male watch stalking me to, it seems men would rather invest their energy and time into creating drama and stalking people.

I will not talk about Kurt again, ignore his false accusations and dribble, the guy is obsessed and follows me around from blog to blog.

I find it disgusting that men would rather attack other men, and try and tear pro male spaces down than contribute. Take Pro Male Watch from a example, he would rather stalk me and watch every single move i make, rather than contribute in a positive way.

Also I consider his usage of the new Pro Male label a hostile hijacking of the term, it looks like the anti male nut jobs are already using the name pro male.

Women see sex as a reward, but will call you a misogynist for pointing it out.


My previous blog post was about women who hide behind so-called “traditionalism” to enforce sexual dominance over men, this blog post is about women who do the same thing just hiding behind “progressivism” and so-called “left wing”. These women are mad that Trump treats sex like a reward for being rich high status man, yet they the picture clearly shows the message they send – keep your legs closed to a man that votes for Trump and exercise your influence. This is a clear sign that women wanna exercise their influence and how they do it, yet they wanna portray men who get validation this way and brag about it as “misogynists” and “oppressors”, how “progressive!”



Pro Male Vanguard

A Female Discovers The Delights Of Male “Privilege” When She Transitions Into A Man.


This transman is making a mistake. She is conflating pandering/posturing behaviour with being dominant. It is women who are dominant and it is men who pander to them. It is as that simple.

Also low status men are not allowed to act dominant as that is seen as creepy. Low status men acting dominant is often deemed harassment.