The Sort of insane dribble that the average left wing retard sprouts.



The comment is clear dribble. Just typical resent filled anti male paranoia. Anyone who believes that the republican party is trying to enslave women’s vaginas has some sort of mental health problem. If he is talking about abortion, that is a right women have that men do not, and taking abortion away from women would  be equality. Women are not going to have their abortion rights taken away anyway. Even if women had their abortion rights taken away, that would not be enslaving their vaginas.


Reich Wing Watch does decent right wing debunking content, but fails to challenge feminism, and hold his own political side to the same level of scrutiny, that he does to the right. He seems a bit obsessed with Trump, making him into an arch demon figure, a scapegoat for the worlds problems.

As I have shown in this blog, there is data showing women work far less hours than men. That is why men earn more money, men have the gender role of handing money over to women, so any money men earn,  goes to women.

Also I want to answer the last question. I do not support women have equal positions to power to men, because that would mean handing women those positions when they do not earn them. If women work less hours than men, that naturally means less women are going to end up in positions of power. Women do not have to complete for positions of power to earn a man, men have to complete for positions of power to earn women. Pointing out the natural end results of this, and claiming men of power are conspiring to keep women out, is paranoid dribble, and it is gaslighting too. It is women who demand that men conform to these gender roles, or they do not get relationships. Men are being blamed for giving women what they want.

Behind every straight man in a position of power is a woman, who gets to leech off him, and if she wants divorce rape him, she can cash out, and move onto another male provider sucker. Women are gaining that status via proxy and gaining it low effort.

The left is anti male, and is in fact anti working class male, if it buys into paranoid conspiracy theories about powerful men keeping women out of power.

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13 thoughts on “The Sort of insane dribble that the average left wing retard sprouts.”

  1. I browsed through his videos and found this:

    Check out the “conservative” woman in the studio (in blue shirt), a former McCain campaign adviser, who proudly calls herself a feminist and accuses her own party (GOP) of being misogynists!

    This is one thing to watch for. Not all conservatives and Republicans are Tradcons. Some are simply feminists who hate the taxes and the poor.

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      1. Very painful, but it illustrates the perspectives of 3 types of women:

        1) Pro-marriage Tradcon, who still feels entitled to a provider
        2) Centrist Republican, essentially a liberal feminist who hates taxes
        3) Actual leftist feminist, who believes women are still chattel

        Interesting to note that all 3 types of women only care and talk about women without for a second giving a thought about men, but they would all probably accuse each other of not being pro-women enough.

        Anyway, sorry for derailing your blog post.

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  2. Browsing through his videos, it seems like this guy doesn’t even give a damn about feminism at all. There is nothing in his video archive about women’s rights, other than a few videos about abortion. Nothing about metoo, rape culture, harassment, wage gap, sexism,… He seems like an old leftist.

    But nevertheless he still totally buys into all the feminist myths on the menu.

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    1. Yes, he doesn’t give a damn. A lot of leftists are silent enablers of feminism. The think is his criticism of fascism is flawed because he doesn’t understand how sexual relations really work. Fascism comes from sexual insecurity and right wing men realizing they have to bribe women. Also men are treated like shit and that makes men men turn to extreme right wing groups.

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      1. Conservative values among men are tightly linked to sexual insecurity. Leftists like RWW, they don’t want to talk about this. They want to believe that right-wing men are vile, and they just hate women and they want to enslave them. He is not like that of course. He is only of the good guys. He and his leftist comrades, they will rescue the women from the claws of evil Trumpists and then they will live happily ever after or whatever. It is this hero complex that men have. Right-wing men are the bogeyman. They can’t possibly just as insecure and confused as those leftist guys are. They must be cold and calculating.


      1. That is bullshit and seems to have been created with the express purpose of justifying the fact that despite being treated much better in all areas of society women work much less than men,that is because as a man society wants you to work yourself to exaustion and early death,but as a women society is constantly worrying about your wellbeing and trying to make things easier for you.


  3. This actually all goes back to the basic problem, which is this idea of historical oppression of women by men (together with the idea of ongoing oppression in the rest of the world), and which is accepted by many MRAs. See, if you accept that women were oppressed until the full effects of 2nd wave were felt throughout society, which would be sometime in 1980s, then you run into a problem if you want to point out male problems in the present day Western societies. The problem is very simple: society today is not really that different from the way it was in 1980s/1970s/1960s,… when women were still oppressed, supposedly. And even more problematically, Western societies are not really that different from non-Western ones.

    All the things that we have today which are not in favor of men were also present decades ago and are also present in countries around the world. Suicides, homicides, empathy gap, expectation to work and sacrifice oneself, being considered an unworthy parent for your children, shorter life expectancy, chivalry… this was always and everywhere the case.

    This guy, Reich-wing watch, is actually drawing a logical conclusion from what most MRAs believe. Reich-wing watch correctly sees that things are not really that different from the way they were decades ago, and draws a logical conclusion that women are still oppressed. “Look at the gender disparity among CEOs, among politicians, among Nobel Prize winners, among surgeons! Same as decades ago when women were still chattel!”

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