Pro-Male manifesto

The Pro-Male movement is distinct from other online male spaces due to a conscious decision by its founders.

A bit of history will put this into context, as sadly, the men’s rights activists with good intentions, who want to fix human rights violations men face, such as military conscription, genital mutilation, child support and parental alienation—and who manage to achieve things—are a tiny minority among those who claim activist status.

Anti-feminism is too right-wing. Right-wing politics is reactionary, passive, and fixated on family values—when the family unit is about subserving mothers at the expense of everyone else—so right-wingers will never get anything done for men. Also, right-wingers believe in Social Darwinism, which is about expending other men, and is therefore anti-male.

Also, too many anti-feminists are simply focused of relationships. They want feminism to stop turning women into meanie-poos against men, so they can love women in relationships again. Therefore they love the right-wing’s message of fixing relationships through family values.

On top of this, anti-feminism doesn’t even understand the feminist movement it claims to oppose, often by erroneously (or maliciously) blaming feminism on communism, because right-wingers would rather fight against that bogeyman than rally for men’s rights.

The general Men’s Rights Movement is no better, because they are basically just as right-wing as the larger anti-feminist community. The MRM is full of Trad-Cons (traditional conservatives): Men talking out of both sides of their mouth—on the one hand, whining about poor treatment of men—but on the other, advocating for traditional gender roles that are based on male disposability. The one movement the MRM should have nothing to do with, it ends up hijacking it.

As for MGTOW—a ghosting community of men who wanted to obscure themselves from marital, legal and societal misandry, as well as the MRM’s failures—even though it is packed with strong-man posturing, flawed economic arguments, and cope revenge fantasies, there were some content makers that showed some early promise, simply because they often sounded like radical MRAs, content makers like Barbarossa (aka Bar Bar), Stardusk and RazorBladeKandy. Sadly, the right flooded the movement and the more radical MRAs left. Not to mention Barbarossa, the most high-brow of the early MGTOW, took money in advance for a book and then left the movement without delivering the product.

A YouTube content maker called Turd Flinging Monkey attached himself to the MGTOW label, and then started spouting all sorts of toxic nonsense, most egregiously a narrative about the magic of male scarcity, implying that there are too many men, and men would be valued more if more died off. (The problem with this narrative is that this is simply false. For example in Russia millions of women outnumber men, and men are not getting better treatment because of this. In fact they are treated worse due to the lack of men.) Turd Flinging Monkey rationalizes this nonsense by applying simplistic supply and demand dynamics to the male and female relationships.

MGTOW stayed silent over this hijacker, even though he was clearly anti-male and a traditional conservative who advocates for old-school gender roles.

As a movement, MGTOW went down the toilet, and became completely toxic, full of men mindlessly repeating their resentful coping fantasies about withdrawing their resources from women and then bringing them back online after society collapses.

It is clear most MGTOW did not give a damn about the human rights and dignity of men, but are otherwise obsessed with relationships.

Anyone wearing the MGTOW label is welcomed with open arms, and posturing as a blatant misandrist is no barrier to entry. This proves that you have to stand for an ideal and a cause, not just be against the status quo. Complaining and whining about women is a dead end. Yes, men get a raw deal while women enjoy privileges, but if you promote strong-man fantasies, individualism and non-engagement in politics, you can’t expect men to win out, as women meanwhile fully engage in their own gender politics.

Other factions of the manosphere are too toxic to even be worth considering as pro-male movements. The PUA community peddles pseudoscience to sell their false dating advice. The incel community is too obsessed with women and relationships, and devolves into wacky speculations. The incel community teaches men self-loathing and promotes the nonsense that romantic relationships magically transform men’s lives when in fact this message is harmful to young men.

Around 2016, a small group of men decided to build something new. This alliance is sick of the failures of other online male spaces, and so applies the lessons one can learn from the others’ failures.

We emphasize we are distinct from the old movements. Apart from a few common insights that remain (like anti-marriage), we have very little to do with the other men’s movements.

Men need to drop the obsession over relationships. They need to give up the bravado, posturing and ego and focus and start working together to try and improve the plight of men. Trying to frame the state as the enemy, and convincing men not to engage in activism or politics is a dead-end. If you require proof, look at the impotence of the libertarian movement.

These are the prominent rules and principles that we follow. Everyday practice has shown we need them to stop hijacking or derailment.

(1) No strongman posturing. (This is a toxic dead-end. Men who are into strongman posturing do not like working with other men.)

(2) No collapse porn. (Men who strongman posture also tend to promote collapse fantasies. There is no impending collapse and no self-correcting cycle. Even if a collapse does occur men will be its biggest victims.)

(3) No coping fantasies. (Nonsense like “get woke go broke” is part of the delusion of the self-correcting cycle.)

(4) No scapegoating. (This includes conspiracy theories and blaming Jews, Marxists, and soy boys. Scapegoating is deadly to a movement, as it encourages people to remain passive and ignorant. If someone is convinced that a specific group is to blame for the world’s problems, that person will not seek new information. Pro-male men must be open to learn.)

(5) No hero worship. (If you want an example of how this can backfire, look at what happened with “Bar Bar” – the MGTOW content maker. He took money for a book from his followers and ran. The cult of personality is to be avoided, as if that occurs then activism will take a back seat.)

(6) No free market propaganda, or promotion of any other economic theories. (We have to tackle misandry directly, not hope that any economic plan from Marxism to free market reforms will fix the problem. In fact, humans are often resent-filled status-seekers and resource hoarders. Typical men want to gain resources and give luxuries to women, so the free market theories will not fix the social ills caused by this behavior. Marxists refuse to acknowledge misandry, so any society they build will be anti-male.)

(7) No sexual shaming of any kind. (No attacks on homosexuals, heterosexuals, furries, etc. Men should not be judged by their access to female sexuality and men should not be shamed for being sexless, virgins, or for being players and sleeping around. Pro-male men do not care about such things. How much or how little sex one gets has no bearing how we feel about men.)

(8) No passivity or defeatism.

(9) No biological reductionism.

(10) No PUA scams, or lifestyle advice in general. (Lifestyle advice is not relevant to men’s rights. Worse, it often implies that men must endure systematic injustices.)

(11) No bragging about status or boasting about male utility. (This includes bragging about men dying in wars, or dying doing hard work.)

(12) No concern trolling and no egalitarian posturing. (Egalitarian posturing is grovelling.)

(13) No promotion of relationships or obsessing over them.

(14) No racism of any kind. (Racism is anti-male and derived from pseudoscience.)

(15) No alpha/beta male nonsense. (These terms are thoroughly debunked.)

(16) We are completely separate from groups identifying as incel, red pill, PUA, etc. Their jargon is not allowed here (i.e. “chad”, “cuck”, “red pill/blue pill”).

(17) No free speech concern trolling. (All sane ideological groups enact reasonable moderation.)

These remaining principles are the key to moving forward.

(18) We are a vanguard movement. We are not out to grow this movement for its own sake, rather, strive to attract high-quality, pro-male participants. If men do not shape up, they are of no use to us or men in general.

(19) Feminism is a hate movement. It has always been such and there is no such thing as a valid feminism. Do not make excuses for that hate movement. All three waves of feminism are based on misandry and disinformation. There has to be zero compromise with that movement. No one expects Jews to compromise with the Nazis and no one expects black people to play nice with the KKK.

(20) We reject the concept of marriage. We are not marriage or relationship strikers, as we reject the concept of marriage, and we reject exploitative relationships. We do not want to fix marriage, but abolish it. As for relationships, we want to do away with legal and social customs that allow women to exploit men in them.

(21) You can’t be pro-male and married. It is that simple. MGTOW tackles the controversies surrounding marriage from the narrow point-of-view of the man’s self-interest, but when a man marries, he is maintaining an anti-male institution. This action sells other men out and in turn harms the entire male collective, just for a bit of female validation. Furthermore, singles end up paying for the tax breaks that benefit married couples and fund the social services used by housewives.

(22) Pro-male ideas are to be based on rationality. Anti-male ideas are irrational and harmful.

(23) Pro-male men should strive to help and network with other pro-male men.

(24) We have to understand the history of the men’s rights movement, and other manosphere factions, and learn from their mistakes. This movement must be self-aware and understand its place within the greater context.

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Fist In the Face Of Misandry

The blog is run by three different pro male activists. We have decided to create a new pro male ideology from scratch.

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